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Nica and Matt by Darksoul540 Nica and Matt :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0 Columns by Darksoul540 Columns :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0 Cave with Stairs by Darksoul540 Cave with Stairs :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0 New Chair, Old Chair by Darksoul540 New Chair, Old Chair :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0 Untitled by Darksoul540 Untitled :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0
Secretive Admiration
Ever feel like you met someone so 
Great beautiful kind caring and sweet
Want to spend your life with him
Want to physically be there for him
Want to support him and comfort him
But he doesn't see you like that
He doesn't share the same thoughts
Sure he's silly and can be an ass
Sure he's the perfect man and only 3 year short
But you love him 
You would do anything for him
You want to stay by his side
Through thick and thin
No matter what
As a friend brother mate
But in your head one day he can try
To be your lover.
:icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 1 0
Just You And Me
Nicky, I regret that one selfish act
The quite one thing that was truly horrible in the past
If it was possible to take it back
I would, a billion times over
That is a fact
I was never one who made a single poem rhyme
But for you, I want this to be a special act that will make you mine
Four years ago, you were an annoying brat
But four years have past, and you have become a man
The sweetest, most loving sort of man that there can be
And, quite honestly, I hope that we will be together forever
Just you and me
:icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 1 1
Suicidal Shadow
Rock-a-bye Shadow on a tree branch
Where there is a noose waiting to snap
Stare and stare at it, that I shall
And tonight I will dream of dispair
And as I play with you this night
I shall promise you that I will cry to sleep
Before I get the chance to say
:icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 3 4
Broken Heart
I loved you
And you loved me
Those times you shared those passionate kisses
And those times I spent in those warm arms
Were the happiest times we have ever spent together.
But it did not last
Because at the end of the second week
You went away
During your birthday
You went somewhere special
With family and a friend
And you hit it off
You fell for her
You got close
And I feel farther
I feel …
There are no proper words to describe how I feel.
Only simple emotion.
I feel like I could die right here and now
And no one would even care.
All I can say to you right now
Is “Thank you for breaking my heart.
The time it will take to mend
To find someone to take your place
Will take longer than it normally would.”

But seriously,
Thank you for allowing myself
To get close to you
Thank you for allowing me
To say I love you.
:icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 6 0
Inception: Wooden Style by Darksoul540 Inception: Wooden Style :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0 City Skyline by Darksoul540 City Skyline :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 1 0 Season Change in Car by Darksoul540 Season Change in Car :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 1 0 Sandy Killed A Mustang v2 by Darksoul540 Sandy Killed A Mustang v2 :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 2 2 Sandy Killed A Mustang by Darksoul540 Sandy Killed A Mustang :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 1 4
Attacked, beaten, tortured
Words that were never meant to be spoken or felt
Unspeakable events that were sadly inevitable,
But happened without warning
Without cause
Without protection
Beaten by that of who he loved
By that who was of blood, skin, and bones
By that who brought him into this world
Because of a tiny misunderstanding
Because of the fact that one refused to grasp
Because of the fact that he was different from the rest
Second by second
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day
Month by month
Year by god forsaken year
Slowly going insane
Slowly reaching a point of no return
Slowly reach a point in his life which he cannot take anymore
It's tearing him apart
He will soon have to make a hard decision
Stay with his blood, bones, and skin for the rest of his hellish life
Or shall he leave
Move to another location
And find his true happiness
Either way
It will make him truly cry.
:icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 2 9
Wooden Clock and Budding Plant by Darksoul540 Wooden Clock and Budding Plant :icondarksoul540:Darksoul540 0 0
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Sense of being lost
Unable to see anything with the power of your mind
Blindness leads to false and unknown knowledge
To find the truth
A truth that is not something you may not want to know
A truth that may potentially hurt you
A truth that may destroy your very being
If one has experienced such a thing, what would you do?
What can you do?
The truth is not in your hands, but the hands of others

You feel like a puppet
Controlled by a mysterious force
A force that drags you around all day
Your own thoughts and memories were provided by someone else
You feel like a toy
A toy that has been discarded
Abandoned after many years of love, joy, and peace
You were thrown away like you were nothing
Just another piece of junk that needed to be recycled
You are depressed by the realization of that your memories were created and untrue
The truth is farther away from you as if you never truly knew
Thus, you don't know what to do
Don't know what to do...

We constantly remember thoughts
Both new and old
We remember the times we shared with those mysterious beings
We remember those memories that had been created on unrealistic terms
We are not toys that our creators could throw away at a moment's notice
We are souls.
Souls of the dearly departed
Souls, who contain the memories of the forgotten
Souls that are stored within a small, cold shell known as
A porcelain doll....
Soul of a Doll
EDIT: It's been years since I wrote this. I will be editing selected poems for my poetry class at Pace University. (ENG 308/CRN 71898)

Back when I wrote this, I had an idea based on a dream and personal experiences. From those thoughts I created a poem, that being this Paranormal experience called 'Soul of A Doll.'
It is snowing....
This white substance resembles
The rotting flesh of fallen angel, surrounded in its once holy light.

The sun is shining
This bright yellow ball resembles
A forgotten world, burning brightly throughout space and time.

A young man is bleeding
This dark reddish liquid resembles
His life halting to a deadly end.

The young man's vision slowly fades to nothing....
This nothingness is a hopeless sign
A sign that everything he ever loved or cared for will eventually cease to exist.
Black Snow
EDIT: It's been years since I wrote this. I will be editing selected poems for my poetry class at Pace University. (ENG 308/CRN 71898)
I was told by my shrink that I should start drawing again. Draw something creative or draw something about how you're feeling. That's what I did with the "I'm Sorry" piece. Now i'm gonna try to find other ways and experiment with other mediums to draw or create something out of that one emotion or many emotions I am feeling at that time.
I'm going to be doing this daily or if not daily, as much as I can. These will either be in sketch form or they will be things I have worked on for an hour or more.

If anyone has an idea what type of emotion I can draw or show onto paper, please comment on this journal.

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Current Residence: NYC
So I'm gay, am into open relationships, I'm happy with multiple partners hehe and I'm a Kitten Furry.


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